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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bath and Body Works Fall Candles 2012

Cider Lane- awesomeness. This one is pure Fall to me. It has crisp apple, cinnamon, and a hint of the most realistic caramel scent I've found so far (not like that fake burny caramel scent you find often).

Pumpkin Cupcake- buttercream, pumpkin, candied ginger. You smell all of that, but I think the buttercream is the strongest note. Its sweet but very nice.

Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts- best candle ever. Fried doughnuts rolled in cinnamon and sugar. You can smell the 'fried' element to it. So realistic I cant stand it.

Brandied Pear- pear, cream, and a syrupy 'brandy' note. It reminds me of the whipped cream and pear candle from Anthropologie, but not as light. Its definitely not a heavy scent, but it has some depth.

Plum Wine and Amber- I don't know how I feel about this one. The scents seem too muddled together for my taste. In the store, it smelled like a jelly/grapey/fruity wine scent, but now I just smell the mulled/spiced scent. I may return this one. EDIT: After smelling this a few more times, I'm definitely returning it. Im not sure why, but something about it just makes me wince.

 Black Pepper Bergamot - The only note I can make out is lavender, but it really smells like old school shaving cream from a barber shop. It's a very warm, nostalgic scent.

I may return Black Pepper Bergamot and Brandied Pear for smaller versions. I love the scents, but I can't see myself using the full 3 wick size in those particular scent. I will definitely return Plum Wine Amber for the same size in the new French Baguette scent that will be released in August.

 You can find these scents, as well as others, at test stores throughout the country. Please note that the scents available may vary depending on location. You can place a phone order at any location. I have heard that shipping is typically $6-$10. You can use the survey code coupons for these orders.

Test stores (may change without notice): Mall at Johnson City in Johnson City TN (home fragrance) (423-282-0008)
Garden State Plaza in Paramus NJ (home fragrance) (201-843-8080)
White Barn Easton Town Center in Columbus OH (home fragrance) (614-475-0196)
Galleria in St Louis MO (home fragrance and body care) (314-725-6265)
Meadows in St. Louis MO (636-625-4050)
Westfield Shopping Towne in Canton OH (home fragrance and body care) (330-493-6566)
River at Rancho Mirage in Rancho Mirage CA (760-340-3064)
Annapolis Mall in Annapolis MD (410-573-1942)
Easton Town Center Columbus OH (antibac and some body care) (614-471-4315)
 Woodbury Plaza in NY (body care) (516-942-5094) Enjoy!

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