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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MAC Bad Fairy

I've been wearing MAC's Bad Fairy nail polish since Friday. While the color is gorgeous, my mani is showing signs of wear. Instead of taking it off, I decided to top it with 2 coats of Sephora by OPI's Only Gold For Me. I must admit that I love the results. I will probably revisit this look around Christmas. Enjoy!



A word of advice- This top coat does not come off easily! I recommend using the foil method to remove.

Monday, September 27, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: Part 3- Pictures

The Boxes
muachallenge 021

The products (with flash...sorry!)
muachallenge 041

Wearing Toxic Tale (100% natural light, no flash)
muachallenge 036

Bad Fairy (no flash, natural light)
muachallenge 054

muachallenge 057

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MAC Venomous Villains: Part 2- Review

Here are the products I purchased, along with a quick review of each. For images and swatches, check out my YouTube video:

MAC Venomous Villains

Evil Queen:
Strange Potion (lipglass) - a pearly pink color, with a very slight peach tint. The color is soft, pearlized, and semi-opaque.

Oh So Fair (beauty powder) - a soft powder for the face, can also be used as a blush or highlight. This is a very pale pink with a tiny amount of shimmer. The powder feels very fine and smooth and applies lightly.

Toxic Tale (satin lipstick) - an amped up coral color. It is very, very bright! This color looks reddish in the tube, yet it seems to lean orange on the skin. Very similar to MAC's Coral Polyp.

Cruella DeVil:
Wicked Ways (lipglass) - a blue-based red with shimmer. Seems more opaque than Strange Potion but can be thinned out to a stain-like finish using fingers or a brush. Creates a lovely red lip that is not over the top.

Innocence, Beware! (cremesheem lipstick) - a pinky nude with minimal shimmer. I find this to be the perfect nude for my pale complexion, though the formula is not my favorite.

Revenge is Sweet (lipglass) - a jelly-like gloss that seems deep purple in the tube, yet takes on a sheer pink look on the lips. The color looks like a glossy stain. It is quite sheer and can be used to alter another color or to enhance the natural pigmentation of your lips.

Bad Fairy (nail polish) - A shimmery varnish that appears to be a darkened cherry color, but flashes to a golden/orange color. The color is beautiful on its own, but the duo chrome effect is amazing. You should use 3-4 coats to make this opaque on the nail.

Pics to follow!

MAC Venomous Villains: Part 1- Overview

On Tuesday, September 21st, I attended a preview party for the new MAC collection, Venomous Villains. The collection is based on 4 Disney Villians: Cruella DeVil(101 Dalmations), The Evil Queen(Snow White), Maleficent(Sleeping Beauty), and Dr. Facilier(Princess and the Frog). It is a rather large collection which contains 6 lipsticks, 6 lipglasses, 6 eyeshadows, 2 mineralized eyeshadows, 1 lip gelee, 3 nail polishes, 2 blushes, 2 magically cool powders, 2 grease sticks, 3 pigments, 3 beauty powders, and a mirror compact.

The colors were chosen using official "pantones" from the films. Pantones are the official shades used throughout the animation process to ensure consistent coloring. The collections are not simply based on the villians' makeup, but rather their costume, environment, and aura. The packaging is plain black with character animation printed on the cover. Many fans have complained about the packaging, saying that it seems cheap and looks like stickers on normal MAC products. While I do feel that MAC missed an opportunity to be very creative with this packaging, I have come to appreciate it. The images are not stickers, but rather printed directly onto the covers. Also, each product type has a different image of the villains. For example, the lipstick from the Cruella DeVill collection has an image of Cruella's profile, while the lipglass shows Cruella cuddling many puppies. This, in my opinion, was a nice touch.

Overall, I find the collection to be a must have for MAC and Disney fans alike. There are already some buzzworthy items, such as Bite of an Apple Blush and Bad Fairy nail polish. After swatching every single item, I ended up purchasing many lip products, one beauty powder, and one nail polish. The eyeshadows are lovely, but were not calling to me. In my next post I will review each item I purchased individually. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bright Eyes using Edun Palette

I posted a picture of my birthday haul last month, which included the Edun by Sephora palette. I have actually posted a review video on YouTube as well ( link: ). I used it for the first time today and, I must say, I am genuinely impressed.

Sephora brand items have a reputation for being low quality and overpriced. While I have had a few duds, I have alwo found a few winners, which is why I wanted this palette in the first place. I used the yellow, teal/turquoise, and green eyeshadows in the Contrast palette to create my bright look, pictured above. I found the colors to have a nice pigmentation. They are also blendable and have a nice color payoff. Last I checked, the palette was half off on (thats $15 for 6 shadows and a blush!). Considering that it is inexpensive, good quality, and charitable (proceeds go to Wildlife Conservation) I see no reason to skip this one. Buy a palette and have some fun!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

UD BOSIII - Times Square Event

On Saturday, August 28, 2010 Urban Decay released 1000 BOS III palettes to eager fans. I was in the crowd and had a blast. The first 200 people received a tshirt. I was number 35, therefore I received a shirt and other goodies. The Sephora staff was awesome, handing out low-cal apple snacks to the pretty ladies waiting for their makeup. When the Urban Decay staff arrived, they handed out deluxe shadow samples, displayed the BOSIII to the crowd, and offered free makeovers using UD products.

After waiting about 2 hours, we were ushered inside. We were immediately handed a palette and ushered to the check out line. While waiting to pay, I was given a sample of the new Lip Junkie lip gloss in Wallflower. At checkout, I received a 24/7 eyeliner in Mildew, my tshirt, and a Stardust eyeshadow in Retrograde. I was truly amazed at the generousity of the staff.

I posted a video (on YouTube) talking about my experience and I have also posted swatches below. I really love this palette, as well as this brand. In my experience, Urban Decay is a cosmetics company that understands makeup junkies like us. They want to keep us as loyal customers and are thankful that they have. They made everyone feel beautiful and appreciated at this weekend's event.

The Book of Shadows III will be availiable at as of September 7th, and as of October 1st it will be available at Macy's, Sephora, and Ulta.

Urban Decay BOS III - Swatches

Perversion, Uzi, Loaded, Kush

MCRA, Last Call, Rockstar, Money

Haight, Maui Wowie, Smog, Bordello

Radium, Snatch, Suspect, Psychedelic Sister