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Monday, September 27, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: Part 1- Overview

On Tuesday, September 21st, I attended a preview party for the new MAC collection, Venomous Villains. The collection is based on 4 Disney Villians: Cruella DeVil(101 Dalmations), The Evil Queen(Snow White), Maleficent(Sleeping Beauty), and Dr. Facilier(Princess and the Frog). It is a rather large collection which contains 6 lipsticks, 6 lipglasses, 6 eyeshadows, 2 mineralized eyeshadows, 1 lip gelee, 3 nail polishes, 2 blushes, 2 magically cool powders, 2 grease sticks, 3 pigments, 3 beauty powders, and a mirror compact.

The colors were chosen using official "pantones" from the films. Pantones are the official shades used throughout the animation process to ensure consistent coloring. The collections are not simply based on the villians' makeup, but rather their costume, environment, and aura. The packaging is plain black with character animation printed on the cover. Many fans have complained about the packaging, saying that it seems cheap and looks like stickers on normal MAC products. While I do feel that MAC missed an opportunity to be very creative with this packaging, I have come to appreciate it. The images are not stickers, but rather printed directly onto the covers. Also, each product type has a different image of the villains. For example, the lipstick from the Cruella DeVill collection has an image of Cruella's profile, while the lipglass shows Cruella cuddling many puppies. This, in my opinion, was a nice touch.

Overall, I find the collection to be a must have for MAC and Disney fans alike. There are already some buzzworthy items, such as Bite of an Apple Blush and Bad Fairy nail polish. After swatching every single item, I ended up purchasing many lip products, one beauty powder, and one nail polish. The eyeshadows are lovely, but were not calling to me. In my next post I will review each item I purchased individually. Stay tuned!

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