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Saturday, September 15, 2012

BBW: Late Fall and Early Winter Test Scents

 I bought:
Sweater Weather - cool and soothing. Its hard to explain, but it does remind me of cool days and sweaters lol.

Cedarwood Oak- I can't place specific notes in this one, but it's just so nice. I guess I smell the oak, but really its just a smooth, pretty fall-ish scent. I'm sorry that's not a good description.

Pumpkin carvings- awesome pumpkin pie goodness.

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch- like blueberry muffins! Its supposed to be blueberry, pumpkin, and vanilla praline. I think the blueberry and praline notes are what combine to make it smell like muffins. The pumpkin is not noticeable on the surface, but there is an underlying spice note that could be the pumpkin. Its very nice.

Cinnamon Frosting (holiday collection)- butter cream, cinnamon, and cloves. The butter cream is the top note, strong and buttery. Then you smell sweet cloves and a bit of cinnamon. Its not really spicy. I would eat this by the spoonful if it was real lol

Things I sniffed but didn't buy-
toffee popcorn, twisted peppermint, winter candy apple, vanilla bean noel, evergreen, mocha peppermint cookie, hot buttered rum, and nutmeg and clove- they all smell exactly like those things. I'm sorry I don't have great descriptions, but they just smell exactly like what they say they do. Very straightforward.

Holiday- exactly like cinnamon red hot candies! sweet notes with hot cinnamon. I'm definitely getting this when it comes out. SA said they think its a definite.

Fireside- amazing. fireplaces and incense and just SO GOOD. also a definite.

sandalwood vanilla- smells like both these things, but warm and heavy.

cashmere- I couldn't get a good read on this one. I think maybe vanilla? by then, my nose had stopped working lol.

sugar and spice- cinnamon/clove spice with a sweet sugary scent. not a baked scent. not too strong.

peach bellini- this was a fizzy peach smell. nice, but I don't really think it fits the theme.
Tis the season- sweet, berry or candy smell, slight hint of something earthy like fir or pine tree

vanilla snowflake- a cool vanilla

frosted cranberry- enough like cranberry woods to not justify buying it again. maybe a bit sweeter.

farm apple cookie - oatmeal cookies and red apples

I may have forgot or messed up things, but I was in a frenzy and I apologize lol. Test store listed a few posts back.

I am definitely going back for Holiday and Fireside, and maybe Tis the Season and Sandalwood Vanilla.

Hope this helps!