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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MAC To The Beach - Preview Haul

So tonight I went to the MAC To The Beach preview party. It was from 7-9pm at MAC Montague. The store was packed when I arrived (along with my friend) at 7:30pm. The ladies at the door were dressed in - surprise!- black. Each person had gorgeous makeup, though most of the ladies had some kind of green incorporated into their look. There were two model-esque guys in tiny, tiny orange bathing suits standing near the front door. They were covered in glitter (presumably from the new bronzing spray) and their job was to make sea shell necklaces for everyone. There were also two 'models' serving cocktails, which were sponsored by Ciroq, and canapes. The store was absolutely packed. It took ages to walk from one end of the store to the other. I decided that I was only going to purchase items from the To The Beach line, since I could purchase permanents anytime. I had saved and set aside about $100 to spend (I started saving when I got the invite). I bought 5 products and spent $94.16.

Here's what I got:

Marine Life Highlight Powder - $26
Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel - $18.50
Lustre Lipstick in Lazy Days - $14
Frost Lipstick in Thrills - $14
Glaze Lipstick in Beachbound - $14

I already posted a review on YouTube titled "MAC To The Beach: Part 3- The Makeup". You can check that out for swatches. I hope to have swatch photos on here within the next few days. The line launches May 27, 2010. Until then, check out my videos! Part 1 & 2 from this series show the invitation and expectations as well as the party itself. Keep an eye out for a summery look using these products! I'll probably tape it over the weekend. Thanks for reading/watching!

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