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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recession Special Beauty: Eyeshadow Palettes

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The first product I purchased was L.A. Colors palette in Tease. I have seen this palette in a few stores, generally priced around $3. I saw it in Dollar Tree for $1.50 and purchased it. The low price and bright colors interested me. The palette contains 5 colors: yellow, orange, pink, blue, and green. They are supposed to be shimmer colors, but the shimmer is gone after one swipe. After trying these out, I must say that I was impressed. The colors are very pigmented and did not crease or fade with a primer. The texture is a bit chunky, but you can work with it. My biggest disappointments are that it tends to mush together when you blend, and also that the pink stains the lid. If you are careful with blending and have a stron makeup remover, neither of these issues will affect you. I was honestly shocked at how much I ended up liking this.

Look created with 3 LA Colors shadows:

Wet'nWild Color Icon Palettes:

Vanity & Greed-

I picked these up for $4.99 at Walgreens. I had high hopes for these after using the Color I con Palettes in Pride and Lust. Unfortunately, these did not meet my expectations. Vanity is a brown/beige/gold palette with matte and shimmer colors. They can be used for dramatic or neutral looks. I found the colors to be flat and not flattering. The browns were too deep and the gold too yellow. Greed is a black/peach/gray palette with mattes and shimmers, as well. The peach colors are pretty, but when applied they tend to look more like conjunctivitis than makeup. There is an odd blue/gray color that has a gold sheen when swatched. This unique color would make the palette worth it, but the texture is chunky and there is immense fallout with this shade. The blacks and grays are lovely, but I just can't get a decent, cohesive look out of this palette. While some shades in these palettes are nice, I'm very disappointed with them as a whole.

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